Das sagen meine Kunden:

„I know Dieter as a very dedicated and committed Finance Director in NTTE Germany.

During that period he was able to implement in a very professional and efficient manner all the changes necessary to improve the company.“

„He was a well accepted member in the German Management team and his efforts in supporting sales and business made it possible to keep NTTE running successfully during this time.“

„Dieter helped me putting together effective reporting and KPI thru central region.

His high level of expertise combined with hard work have been recognized by the local management team!

With these tools, the company has been able to monitor much closely his business.“


„Dieter helped us over a two month period in 2012 at E. Begerow GmbH and Co to assist the local accounting team in bridging German HGB to US GAAP reporting standards. He was very well accepted by both the German and US team members.

Due to his friendly nature and methodical approach he was able to significantly accelerate the change process. The focus of his work was the transition of the balance sheet from HGB to US GAAP including implementation of new processes for month end close.

Dieter also managed to instill a basic understanding of US methodologies within the German finance team.“